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A Family Affair

Voće Tea was founded in an effort to solve three problems, all of which involved me or members of my immediate family. 

A few winters ago, my wife home from the office with a complaint.  Like many people, she drinks ready-to-drink fruit flavored water on a daily basis. (Spindrift is our favorite!) Yet none of the flavored waters on the market is served hot. There are, of course, herbal teas that partially fill this void, but most herbal teas are filled with unnecessary additives—sweeteners, chemical flavorings, preservatives—and use highly processed, low quality ingredients that turned her off. It appeared to me there was a clear need for a high quality hot option in the fruit flavored water market.

The second problem I was trying to solve involved my son.  About six years ago, one of my twin boys was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Prior to his diagnosis, our family ate fairly well, but we really didn’t pay much attention to what we put in our bodies.  Once we began planning meals for our son, we finally realized how difficult it is to find beverage options that are produced in a healthy, sustainable manner and don’t contain excessive amounts of sugar.

The third reason for starting Voće emerged out of personal concerns about food security.  In my day job, I'm a professor of Chinese history and religion, and I have lived for many years in China and Taiwan.  Like many other people, I have been distressed by the extraordinary level of pollution I have witnessed in Asia, and I regularly refrain from consuming food products that originate in China or India.  I have personally walked through tea fields that are doused in pesticides, bathed in toxic water, and enshrouded in polluted air.  (My concerns about the safety of tea and fruit are explained here.)  Having seen all this firsthand, it's been years since I've been comfortable drinking tea in large quantities.  Although I enjoy it, I'm just not ready to jump back on the tea bandwagon. 

A few years ago, all these issues came to a head.  I began to wonder why somebody couldn’t produce a high quality bagged tea that provided a convenient hot alternative to cold fruity beverages.  I began infusing dried fruits in my kitchen, and six months later, Voće® Tea was born.  Voće teas are my attempt to make a hot fruit brew for adults and children that is both delicious and healthy. 

My family loves our products, and I hope you do, too!

​​Jeff Snyder
Voće Tea

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