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Clean Label Fruit Tea

We at Voće take pride in doing things the right way.  From how we select our ingredients to  the composition of our packaging, we put a lot of thought into our teas, which we believe makes them a vastly superior product.  Here are some of the highlights:

Real fruit you can see and taste.  Would you drink coffee that wasn't brewed with real coffee beans, but was made with coffee flavoring instead? Disgusting, right? So, why would you drink herbal teas that get their taste from fruit flavorings or "essences," rather than real fruit? Our teas are visibly different from the others.  They contain whole fruit that looks as good as it tastes. When we say our tea has lemon in it, that's exactly what we mean—they are made with real organic California lemons and only real lemons. Some other tea companies have started to add pieces of fruit to their teas for cosmetic reasons, but don't be fooled! If you read the fine print, you'll see they invariably contain flavorings, and trust us, it's not the same thing.  

Made with organic fruits and spices.  All of the ingredients that go into our teas are certified organic.  High quality ingredients give our teas a leg up on the competition. Our teas are naturally low carb, caffeine free, GMO free, and vegan. 

No added sugar, flavorings, colorings, or preservatives.  Lots of other teas are made with nasty "natural" flavorings and sugar-infused fruit. We feel strongly that additives in tea are bad for consumers and bad for the environment.  They distort the genuine appearance and taste of the tea, and they are most often used to compensate for poor quality ingredients. With Voće, you'll get no junk and no jackassery.

​Pure flavor that is sweet, not bitter.  High quality fruit produces long-lasting flavor without the chemical aftertaste of so many other teas.  We tell you to leave the bag in after steeping your tea because Voće gets better, not bitter!

Compostable teabags and packaging.  Our teabags are made from PLA and can be composted in commercial composting systems; our wrappers are made from sustainably harvested wood pulp and are certified compostable in municipal systems and backyard bins.  Our cardboard boxes are also recyclable and made from 97% post-consumer materials. We also encourage customers to order their teas without external packaging whenever possible.

Responsibly sourced organic ingredients, primarily from the Americas.  We don't trust Chinese or Indian fruit.  We try to get as many of our ingredients from the USA as we can, and if we can't get it from here, we try to get it from as nearby as possible. 

Naturally caffeine free.  A good choice for those long days at the office, or when you're trying to avoid caffeine. 


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